Hey! We are building this exciting product in the space of micro wealth management for GenZ and Millennials. 400+ Million people are waiting to be financially literate, learn to save and make smart investments one step at a time. That's what India is right now and we are doing everything to ensure that it happens. A financial literate young population is potent enough to change the world.

We are here to help Indians to rediscover savings in the times of instant gratification, inflation and never ending need of assimilation into western philosophy of consumerism.

You ask how we are going to do it? We are building a micro wealth management platform with small steps at a time, starting with micro savings, financial literacy and then to the glory of micro investments.

🌟 Our Investors

Jar has raised $4.5 million from a clutch of high-profile investors, including Arkam Ventures, Tribe Capital, WEH Ventures, and angels including Kunal Shah (founder of CRED), Shaan Puri (formerly with Twitch), Ali Moiz (founder of Stonks), Howard Lindzon (founder of Social Leverage), Vivekananda Hallekere (co-founder of Bounce), Alvin Tse (of Xiaomi) and Kunal Khattar (managing partner at AdvantEdge)


<aside> 🚀 We've been featured by some big media houses as well, including the likes of Techcrunch and Yourstory, to name a few.


To know more about the story behind Jar, check out this tweet 👇

Misbah Ashraf on Twitter: "A journey close to my heart, and a journey to ensure that others don't have to go through what I've faced. A journey to help Indians build a better savings habit. A journey to ensure that we provide safety net to millions. (1/n) / Twitter"

👨‍🚀 Open Roles

Are you interested in our team, but don't see the right open position for you? Reach out and tell us about yourself at [email protected]

<aside> 📌 Please note that we are only hiring for IC (Individual Contributor) roles right now.


⭐️ About the Founders